How to Order Your Tickets 2024

celebrate diversity


        Out In The Park

      Private  Night  Event

ENJOY  SHORT LINES  FOR  ATTRACTIONS!  While the park  averages  daily  numbers  of  15,000-20,000 visitors, this event  is  LIMITED  TO  5,000  MAXIMUM  TICKETS!! 


Alcohol is available for purchase for those  21+ 



  WE’RE    BACK!!!!

Advance 2024 Tickets


   for  Saturday Night, September 7th 2024.

       $46 (includes taxes) &  FREE PARKING!

($56 at gate IF AVAILABLE!  Tickets are limited  to 5,000 maximum)

(This is a private night buy out,  that helps to benefits a  different charity every year, you must have the private event ticket to get in.  Season  passes will not  work for any private events held  at  Six Flags.)


The hours for this exclusive event     are 8:00pm – 12:00am.

(Sometimes gates open a little  early 

 get there early if you want to maximize your time in the park!

The parking lot can be a pre- party with your friends  before the event!)

Smart Phone Paperless tickets     USE THIS LINK!

DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE.

FLASH PASS is  not needed, nor is it available. 


Regular PC computer and printed tickets USE THIS LINK

(DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE)


Some browsers may not allow the pop up window – in that case
look for the promo code box  on the single ticket page

in the “ENTER PROMO CODE” box enter  OUTCHI and click GO

That’s it!


Can I use a Season Pass?  NO

This is a private party that benefits a charity, you must have the private party ticket,

to get in from   8pm -12am

Can I use a COKE can to save $20?   NO

Can I come during the day, and stay all day and all night with my ticket?  NO

There is another private party the same day, that ends at 6pm


Bus   shuttle service


Dougie Collins is the service provider and payments will be made to him.

You DO NOT have go into Charlies this year, to buy your seat. 



Charlies bar will host the official party!      Charlies  3726 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613




  Check the Facebook Page for Updates




53 Responses to How to Order Your Tickets 2024

  1. M says:

    on the flyer here it says 9-1 but on the purchasing tickets it says 7-12. So what is correct, I don’t want to go there and end up waiting a few hours or miss a few hours

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      This year, 2014, it is 7pm-12. When you order and print the ticket, it will show that time. It’s five hours all private!

    • Greg says:

      When u buy a great America on this site sometime it won’t go through and it suck

      • gaysixflagschicago says:

        are you still having problems?
        You can always go directly to Six Flags site, and use code OUTCHI at the top right corner

  2. Luke Romesberg says:

    Hi, I was hoping you could elaborate on the shuttle services for me. Is there a cost? Where do I sign up? Etc?


    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      CHARLIES provides the official shuttle service. They start taking reservations in August – It was about $20 lats year for round trip. We will release the info as soon as they are ready – usually after the Gay Rodeo which happens around August 20th – then the start the booking. They will have 4-6 buses. About 200-300 seats.

      • Yes I wanted to no who do I speak to for a ride on the shuttle bus to gaysixflagschicago sept 13, there a number.

        • gaysixflagschicago says:

          CHARLIES will start taking reservations soon – I think you have to stop by the pay to pay – they can’t do phone reservations. Do you live in Chicago?

  3. Adam Y says:

    Could an organizer please clarify: is full-day admission (daytime + event, i.e. 1030am-midnight) possible through purchase of a general admission ticket IN ADDITION to an “Out at the Park” ticket?

    According to the website, which lists normal park hours and sells general admission tickets for 8/6, full-day admission is a viable option. However, the FAQ suggests the opposite — that the other event ALSO closes the park, barring entry prior to its 6pm ending (and by implication, no general admission on 8/6).

    Please let us know so we can finish planning the day! Thanks!

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      NO – In September Six Flags does many private parties. On the day of our event, there is another private party in the daytime. No season passses or regular tickets are allowed. You must purchase the special $39 ticket to attend our event, which is from 7pmm – 12am. ON average the park hosts 15,000- 25,000 people. Our event is about 7500-8000, so the lines are very short on most rides and you can ride the entire park in less than 5 hours.

  4. amber says:

    Was wondering if it was an all ages event?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      YES ALL AGES – However childrens rides are closed – so not really for small children.

  5. Jeremy Feliciano says:

    When will be the last day to purchase the tickets.

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      The ADVANCE $39 price is good till Sept 6. Then it goes to $40 sept 7-12. and $54 the day of the event.

  6. Sarah G says:

    Are the rides available and running all night from 7:00pm to 12:00am?


    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      All of the coasters will be running and 80% of all the popular rides. The shut down a few rides not so popular, they close kiddie land – and some restaurants and shops are closed. But for the most part – everything GREAT! is open! All the bars will be open. I think there are 5 or 6 this year. And they discount the prices for us.

  7. David says:

    Any info from Charlie’s on the busses yet?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      CHARLIES BUS SHUTTLE $25 round trip – reservations start SEPTEMBER 1st – must be made in person at Charlies, 3726 N Broadway St, no phone calls please. Price includes drinks on the bus. Departs boystown 6pm.

      • agata says:

        We went to out in the park last year but drove, and are thinking of doing the shuttle bus this year. It’s a friend’s bday and we want to celebrate, after all!

        When you say the shuttle price includes drinks, do you mean unlimited well drinks, beer, wine…or just 1-2/person ? Just trying to figure out the specifics of what we would be getting with the shuttle bus trip.

        Also–would the buses be waiting for everyone to leave 6 flags at the end of the night? Thanks!

        • gaysixflagschicago says:

          I would contact Charlies bar in Chicago or DIX in Milwaukee – each is doing buses – I am not sure if they can say in print exactly was it offered.

          The park closes at 12 and I think the buses plan to leave at 12:15. But check with them, for the details.

  8. Luis Miranda says:

    Just purchased 2 tickets don’t know how to get the bar code

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      Did you purchase with a computer? You would print them.
      Purchase with a smart phone? It should stay in your phone.

  9. jojo says:

    Ok so i want to make sure I got this. Tomorrow I pay through my smartphone it is 40$ is that with free parking? I never been to anything like this.

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      Correct. Tickets are $40 now and include free parking. Buy with your phone (which is new this year) or with a PC and printer.

  10. David says:

    Hey, guys, just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful, successful event this year (2014)…it was a great time and I hope you keep doing it because we will keep going to it! Muchas gracias. It was fantastic. Thank you. David & Andrew

  11. Dan The Man says:

    Just to be clear: Can we get in BEFORE 7 p.m.?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      There is another party before us, that ends at 6pm. As soon as they are all out – we get in. Last year, it was 6:45.
      The park holds 25,000 most days. Our event will be 5000. So lines should be really quick for MOST rides.

  12. George says:

    Since I am going to be purchasing tickets after Sept 6 am I going to have to get a parking pass? Or does the ticket automatically include parking?

  13. George says:

    Since I am going to be purchasing tickets after Sept 6 am I going to have to get a parking pass?

  14. Brandon says:

    Will tickets be sold at the event or is it strictly an online purchase?

  15. Michelle says:

    Hey, so when I called and spoke with the membership dept they said we were allowed to use our season passes. Is this not true?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      no – that is NOT true. Six Flags hosts about 15 private events every fall – the season pass does not allow access to these events.

  16. Yazmin robles says:

    Buenos tardes tengo mi seassen pas.lo puedo usar Ho tengo k comprar el tiket.grasias.

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      seassen pas will not work. Since this is a private benefit night – you need a special ticket for $41

  17. Kevin says:

    Looks like fun! Do any LGBT families bring their middle school age children to this event?

  18. sam stevens says:

    for the celebrate diversity thing September10 will the rides be closed? what time will we have to get there? how do i know if the tickets are sold out?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      All of the popular rides ARE OPEN and lines are very short. Since the park attracts 15,000-20,000 most days and we only sell 5000 tickets, most lines are 1 minute – to 15 minutes like for Goliath.

      I would arrive between 7-730. Gates open between 7:45 and 8pm. Toderick Hall performs about 8:10pm.

      We will announce on this page when sales close. but follow the updates on facebook.

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  20. Matt says:

    The facebook event doesn’t work!
    Sorry, this page isn’t available
    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      I just checked it from 3 different computers – and it is working fine. I would report it to FB. Clear your history or cache maybe – but no problems that I can see.

  21. Ashley says:

    Are these tickets all sold out? I try to buy them but i cant

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      They are NOT sold out yet – something is wrong with the Six Flags System today – check again tomorrow! They are working on it!!

  22. Ross Sharpe says:

    Have you all met capacity for the out in the park event this weekend?

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      They are NOT sold out yet – something is wrong with the Six Flags System today – check again tonight / tomorrow! They are working on it!!

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  26. DeShawn Owens says:

    I’d like to know where I can buy bus tickets for this event.

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