ADAM JOSEPH enetratinment for 2018

One of the leading forces in the queer underground music scene, Adam Joseph is not only an award-winning vocalist, he’s also the mastermind producer and songwriter behind other artists like Peppermint (RuPaul’s Drag Race S9) and Jonny McGovern (Hey Qween).

He has released 2 solo albums and been a featured vocalist on songs with Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Bob SinclarWet FingersPlastik FunkLem Springsteen of Mood II Swing and remixed by Bass JackersDavid Jones and Deeplomatik.

He has written songs for #1 Billboard artists like Inaya Day and Lea Lorien. His latest viral smash “Linda Evangelista featuring Aja from Drag Race S9 has been played around the globe and was featured on the reunion special of Drag Race where RuPaulintroduced it to the world as a masterpiece.

He’s been featured in Billboard, OUT Magazine, The Village Voice, The LA Times, LOGO, CNN and Paper Magazine. Adam’s live performance combines all of his talents—DJ, original productions and live vocals—leaving crowds amazed, intrigued, and hungry for more.

THIS YEAR we are doing something a little  different  with a more  casual and intimate performance!  Adam  will be playing music  and  doing some signing  in  JB’S  Bar  located  in  the Southwest Territory!


Adam Joseph, the mastermind behind the viral house remix of Maxine Waters’ infamous “reclaiming my time” takedown, has taken a break from creating bitch tracks to show off his own vocal talent on “Thirsty.” The track, produced by Vito Fun & Koil, is an anthem for those who leave the bar a bit parched for some after-hours fun. The funky track has a throwback vibe and features a guest rap from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 runner up Peppermint.


Check out his amazing YouTube Channel  HERE

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