SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 12th 2015!

Saturday September 12th 2015!


Details coming soon!


3 Responses to SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 12th 2015!

  1. Joshua Gesling says:

    This is perfect as this date will be mine and my boyfriend’s 6 month anniversary. I am wanting to suprize him and porpose. This is the perfect setting and would make it extreamly special for the both of us. Thank you.

  2. Mary O. says:

    Is this event truly an LGBTQ event, or geared more towards gay men? I don’t really see any pictures or advertising geared towards the ladies too. Just curious.

    • gaysixflagschicago says:

      It is truly a LGBTQ and friends event. Everyone is welcome. All ages. Black, white, latino, everyone – we truly get a mixed crowd every year! This is year 4! I would guess about 70% is men. But there is nothing about it that makes it a male event.

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