Gay Day Out at Night Six Flags FAQ


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Q. Can I use my season pass or a ticket I already purchased and had not used yet?
A.  NO!     You could go during the day with your season pass……but the party at night is a special ticket, with part of the proceeds going to charity. The park is closing at 8pm.  Then the park will re-open at 9pm for our event.

Q. I am a single person and I really want to go!
A. No worries. There will be other single riders as well  – single riders that want to pair up and make new friends should meet at HOMETOWN SQUARE where the live DJ’s are spinning. Meet there about 9pm-9:15 and we can hopefully get the single people introduced and make some new friends!

Q. Will ALL the rides be open? or just a few?
A. ALL of the rides will be open that are normally open in September.  The Midway where you play games of chance and win prizes,  will stay open as well for us.

All of the Kiddie rides WILL BE CLOSED.
Hurricane Harbor closes September 3rd – so obviously, that will be closed all well.

Q. What if I won’t know if I can go until the last minute and have to buy my ticket at the gate?
A. Tickets are available at the gate  for a higher amount – it has not yet been announced.  But yes, tickets will be available  at the gate.

Any other questions, let us know!

BestGayCities  (at)

Imagine 9pm-1am is a private event for you and your close

Q. What will the weather be like?
A. I don’t know, my crystal ball is broke. But I am sure it will be nice.

Q. How many
people will be in the park at 9pm?

A. 8000+

Q. Will Circuit Mom be dressed as MOM?
A. NO .
Circuit Mom will not be there. Matthew Harvat will be there instead.

Q. Can I wear flip flops?
A. NO!!!NO!!!NO!!!

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