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How to Order Your Tickets 2019

celebrate diversity


        Out In The Park

      Private  Night  Event

ENJOY  SHORT LINES  FOR  ATTRACTIONS!  While the park  averages  daily  numbers  of  15,000-20,000 visitors, this event  is  LIMITED  TO  5,000  MAXIMUM  TICKETS!!  ALL AGES   EVENT!

  Advance 2019 Tickets


   for  Saturday Night, September 7th 2019.

       $44 &  FREE PARKING!

($49  Starting  September 1st, 12am)

(This is a private night buy out,  that helps to benefits a charity, you must have the private event ticket to get in.

Season  passes will not  work for any private events held  at  Six Flags.)


($54  at gate IF AVAILABLE!  Tickets are limited  to 5,000 maximum  this  year. )

The hours for this exclusive event     are 8:00pm – 12:00am.

(gates typically  open  at  7:30-7:45pm – get there early!)

You may start arriving  at  7pm  for  pre-check-in, socializing  in the parking lot

and  surprise entertainment!

Smart Phone Paperless tickets


DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE.

FLASH PASS is  not needed, nor is it available. 


For Regular    computer and printed tickets –


(DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE)


(You should  get a new window explaining the event and the price  plus  tax  included.)


Some browsers may not allow the pop up window – in that case
Up to the top right, look for the promo code box

in the “ENTER PROMO CODE” box enter  OUTCHI and click GO

That’s it!


Can I use a Season Pass?  NO

This is a private party that benefits a charity, you must have the private party ticket,

to get in from   8pm -12am

Can I use a COKE can to save $20?   NO

Can I come during the day, and stay all day and all night with my ticket?  NO

There is another private party the same day, that ends at 6pm


Bus   shuttle service  will be available  from  CHARLIES  BAR!   Will depart Boystown at 6pm. Depart the park at Midnight and return to Boystown.

Bus seats are on sale in AUGUST at  CHARLIE’S! 

3726 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613

$50  for the round  trip  and includes beverages of the adult type! 

Stop by the bar and grab your seat today before they are gone!


Charlies will host the official party!

  Check the Facebook Page for Updates