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celebrate diversity


        Out In The Park

      Private  Night  Event

ENJOY  SHORT LINES  FOR  ATTRACTIONS!  While the park  averages  daily  numbers  of  15,000-20,000 visitors, this event  is  LIMITED  TO  5,000  MAXIMUM  TICKETS!!  ALL AGES   EVENT!

  Advance 2019 Tickets


   for  Saturday Night, September 7th 2019.

       $44 &  FREE PARKING!

($49  Starting  September 1st, 12am)

(This is a private night buy out,  that helps to benefits a charity, you must have the private event ticket to get in.

Season  passes will not  work for any private events held  at  Six Flags.)


($54  at gate IF AVAILABLE!  Tickets are limited  to 5,000 maximum  this  year. )

The hours for this exclusive event     are 8:00pm – 12:00am.

(gates typically  open  at  7:30-7:45pm – get there early!)

You may start arriving  at  7pm  for  pre-check-in, socializing  in the parking lot

and  surprise entertainment!

Smart Phone Paperless tickets


DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE.

FLASH PASS is  not needed, nor is it available. 


For Regular    computer and printed tickets –


(DO NOT buy the parking pass – parking  is FREE)


(You should  get a new window explaining the event and the price  plus  tax  included.)


Some browsers may not allow the pop up window – in that case
Up to the top right, look for the promo code box

in the “ENTER PROMO CODE” box enter  OUTCHI and click GO

That’s it!


Can I use a Season Pass?  NO

This is a private party that benefits a charity, you must have the private party ticket,

to get in from   8pm -12am

Can I use a COKE can to save $20?   NO

Can I come during the day, and stay all day and all night with my ticket?  NO

There is another private party the same day, that ends at 6pm


Bus   shuttle service  will be available  from  CHARLIES  BAR!   Will depart Boystown at 6pm. Depart the park at Midnight and return to Boystown.

Bus seats are on sale in AUGUST at  CHARLIE’S! 

3726 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613

$40  for the round  trip  and includes beverages of the adult type! 

Stop by the bar and grab your seat today before they are gone!


Charlies will host the official party!

  Check the Facebook Page for Updates




Out in the Park 2019! September 7th!

Year 8! September 7th, 2018

Toyota is a Proud Community Partner for 2018!

We are very excited  to partner  with  Toyota this year, for the 7th Annual OUT IN THE PARK ! The Toyota brand is our lead presenting partner for 2018!

Toyota supports dozens of local and National LGBTQIA organizations including Trevor Project, GLADD, Point Foundation, Lambda Legal, Victory Fund, Out & Equal and the Human Rights Campaign.

Across the Toyota family and in communities around the world, Toyota admires and applauds the differences that make us unique and celebrate the love that drives us all.  This is the inspiration for the #LoveDrives campaign, which we invite you to follow on our social media channels.

 For 11 yearsToyota has been honored with a perfect score of 100 percent on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), including for 2018. The CEI is a national benchmarking survey and report on corporate policies and practices related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) workplace equality, administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Toyota was one of the first automotive companies to provide comprehensive domestic partnership benefits back in 2002, and continued to demonstrate its support of LGBTQ team members by expanding tax benefits, adoption support and transgender health benefits.

“Toyota’s commitment to diversity doesn’t stop within the company,” said Chris Reynolds, executive vice president and chief diversity officer of Toyota Motor North America. “Across the country, Toyota partners with, and invests in a variety of organizations to help build positive, affirmative environments in which the diverse members of our communities, including LGBTQ, can live and make stronger contributions towards an ever-better society for all.”

The 2018 CEI evaluates LGBTQ-related policies and practices including non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, competency programs and public engagement with the LGBTQ community. Toyota’s efforts in satisfying the CEI’s criteria results in the 100 percent ranking and designation as a “Best Place to Work” for LGBTQ Equality.

With over one billion dollars of business conducted with minority- and women-owned suppliers every year, Toyota is building strong and successful relationships with some of America’s most vibrant and progressive companies. Through dedicated supplier diversity professionals, Toyota strives to ensure businesses and business opportunities are open to all.

For more information on the 2018 Corporate Equality Index, or to download a free copy of the report, visit

About Toyota
Toyota (NYSE:TM) has been a part of the cultural fabric in the U.S. and North America for 60 years, and is committed to advancing sustainable, next-generation mobility through our Toyota and Lexus brands. During that time, Toyota has created a tremendous value chain as our teams have contributed to world-class design, engineering, and assembly of more than 33 million cars and trucks in North America, where we operate 14 manufacturing plants (10 in the U.S.) and directly employ more than 46,000 people (more than 36,000 in the U.S.).  Our 1,800 North American dealerships (nearly 1,500 in the U.S.) sold almost 2.7 million cars and trucks (2.45 million in the U.S.) in 2016 – and about 85 percent of all Toyota vehicles sold over the past 15 years are still on the road today.  
Toyota partners with community, civic, academic, and governmental organizations to address our society’s most pressing mobility challenges. We share company resources and extensive know-how to support non-profits to help expand their ability to assist more people move more places.

About HRCF  
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is the educational arm of America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and queer people. HRC envisions a world where LGBTQ people are embraced as full members of society at home, at work and in every community.

Save the Date September 8th, 2018

7th  Annual  OUT IN THE PARK  private night  will be


Saturday  September 8th, 2018!


This post has links  to  buy  tickets

ADAM JOSEPH enetratinment for 2018

One of the leading forces in the queer underground music scene, Adam Joseph is not only an award-winning vocalist, he’s also the mastermind producer and songwriter behind other artists like Peppermint (RuPaul’s Drag Race S9) and Jonny McGovern (Hey Qween).

He has released 2 solo albums and been a featured vocalist on songs with Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Bob SinclarWet FingersPlastik FunkLem Springsteen of Mood II Swing and remixed by Bass JackersDavid Jones and Deeplomatik.

He has written songs for #1 Billboard artists like Inaya Day and Lea Lorien. His latest viral smash “Linda Evangelista featuring Aja from Drag Race S9 has been played around the globe and was featured on the reunion special of Drag Race where RuPaulintroduced it to the world as a masterpiece.

He’s been featured in Billboard, OUT Magazine, The Village Voice, The LA Times, LOGO, CNN and Paper Magazine. Adam’s live performance combines all of his talents—DJ, original productions and live vocals—leaving crowds amazed, intrigued, and hungry for more.

THIS YEAR we are doing something a little  different  with a more  casual and intimate performance!  Adam  will be playing music  and  doing some signing  in  JB’S  Bar  located  in  the Southwest Territory!


Adam Joseph, the mastermind behind the viral house remix of Maxine Waters’ infamous “reclaiming my time” takedown, has taken a break from creating bitch tracks to show off his own vocal talent on “Thirsty.” The track, produced by Vito Fun & Koil, is an anthem for those who leave the bar a bit parched for some after-hours fun. The funky track has a throwback vibe and features a guest rap from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 runner up Peppermint.


Check out his amazing YouTube Channel  HERE

SIR JET Joel Evan Tye for 2017


Singer Joel Evan Tye aka Sir JET.

The mysterious and alluring gender-bending Sir JET aka Joel Evan Tye is a popstar like no other. With his super-hero body and love for skin tight costumes and anime, he is what has been referred to as “Nick Lachey meets Ziggy Stardust.” The online article “The Boy Who Talked Like a Girl,” is the story of JET’s childhood struggle with gender anxiety that lead him to become an agoraphobic mute for almost a decade to only rediscover his voice again at age 20 and become the man you see today.

JET’s mission in life is to help people who struggle with their identity and to encourage them to find their true selves by going within like he did. In addition to being referred to as the “Madonna Crotch” by Patti Stanger when he appeared on BRAVO’s last season of Millionaire Matchmaker, JET is also a heavily sought after model, including appearing on the boxes of LASC’s first line of underwear, and modeling for Mike Ruiz’s Pretty Masculine series a total of four times.

About 5 years ago, he did an EP, a collection of songs with themes based on concepts from his book I’m Enough: How to Live Life Like a Popstar and Find Your True Self in the Process. You can get his highly popular and dance-able “Shout-out to the Lonely” on iTunes. Watch the video on YouTube.


He explores many soul searching topics on his YouTube channel. Happiness; Depressions issues, Finding joy; Mending a broken heart, etc.

“I am a role-model for youth who are in need of a male celebrity who embodies the masculine and feminine energies they wish to express themselves. The idea is that the struggle we have with equality in our society started when somewhere along the road of life we were taught to feel unequal. I wish to help people see that the path to equality starts from within, coming to terms with the male and female energies we all possess.


He will ONLY  be  doing a meet  and  greet  at  Six Flags –  he will perform at 1:30 AM  @  CHARLIES,  the Official  After  Party.

(3726 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613)



Get your free download of “Bend that Gender and Explode!” the tour remix exclusively at


Facebook Page – with tons of hot and sexy images!


NEW  FOR  2017! 

The Joker – FREE FLY  coaster!

The ride will be the 15th coaster on the Gurnee theme park’s active roster. The 12-story Joker  will be in  Yankee Harbor, next to Great America’s 1992 entirely different version of Batman: The Ride.

Riders will proceed up a 90-degree lift hill and then “flip head-over-heels at least six times along the weightless journey.”

“Thrill seekers will experience exhilarating leaps and dives along a horizontal plane with unexpected drops as they tumble from one level to the next,” park officials said in the statement. “The wing seats amp up the pandemonium since riders will experience this wild adventure with no track above or below — just the sky, ground and plenty of sinister thrills.”


Ride specifications  list the ride’s height as 109 feet, with vehicles reaching 38 mph and generating 2.8 G’s as they roll along for 50 seconds on more than 1,000 feet of track.

“The 4D Free Spin utilizes magnetic technology to induce and control spinning,” the S&S statement added. “These unique vehicles hold eight passengers seated in pairs, four on each side of the track. The three layers of vertically stacked track feature speed bumps and two beyond-vertical raven drops.”


Six Flags Removes Confederate Flags

After 56 years, Six Flags will no longer fly the Confederate flag over its theme parks


“At Six Flags Over Texas we strive every single day to make people happy and to create a fun, thrilling and safe family friendly experience for our guests,” park spokeswoman Sharon Parker said in an email. “We always choose to focus on celebrating the things that unite us versus those that divide us. As such, we have changed the flag displays in our park to feature American flags.”


They should  fly  the  Rainbow  Flag  now,  to  show  Diversity!

New for 2016! 4D interactive thrill ride, JUSTICE LEAGUE

six flags great america LGBT gay day night

Six Flags Great America will debut a brand new 4D interactive thrill ride  in May 2016, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis. This new adventure will feature state-of-the-art technology, high-tech video graphics, and a full-sensory gaming experience that puts you right in the middle of the action.

After wandering the unbelievable 22,000 square foot Hall of Justice, you’ll board your unique twisting six-passenger vehicle. Armed with a laser stun gun, you’ll travel through a series of incredible scenes around the city of Metropolis, interacting with life-like animatronic characters, 3D animated images, and 4D experiences like fire and fog to save your favorite super heroes from the evil villains. This adventurous ride also features one of the first-ever virtual loops and real-time gaming elements to compete against other riders.

Everywhere you look, state-of-the-art 4D imagery will draw you deeper into the adventure. Your unique transporter will take you piloting through a realistic 4D environment.

Can you thwart The Joker’s evil plan to infect the city with laughing gas? Only if you’re brave enough to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE Reserve Team!

– See more at: